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Are you planning to buy a house in Toronto or Canada ? All you need to know !

Today, I am writing about one of the three essential things of human life, Home Sweet Home. Whether a person is a newcomer or already a Canadian citizen, everyone desiresto own a house. It is far more expensive to buy a house in big cities like Toronto/GTA and considering the importance of fulfilling the dream of owning a property, I am sharing detailed information regarding what might be helpful for many to take the right decision. First things first, you must make up your mind to own yourhouse as soon as possible and believe it or not, it could prove to be your one of thewisestdecision taken especially in Canada. Some people might fear taking big mortgage liabilities which span anywhere between 20 to25 years, especially in a country where job security is ostensibly not widespread, but unarguably, in Canada real estate is the only industry which can fetch you higher and faster returns. To create wealthyou need to build up your equity and renting will not help you build y

What to bring: while migrating to Canada ?

Not sure, what to bring while migrating to Canada in your limited luggage?  Here is the answer: In the whole process of applying for Canada Permanent Residency and moving to Canada, best time is when you already applied for PR online on CIC website and now you are waiting for PPR. Some of you will not agree may be because you have not yet landed to Canada. Real Challenge towards better life will start from the day you get your PR confirmation. Now you have so many questions unanswered in your mind like: Shall I go with family initially or just me? To do a soft landing or hard landing! How to find better job?  Where to get settled (which province/city)? Accommodation? Driving license? How much Money to bring? in what form ? One of the questions is “What to bring with you while moving to Canada?”   Today will try to answer this question based on my experience. Before we discuss tangible goods to fill limited baggage there is something else most important to keep

How to mold your Resume for Canadian Job Market?

How to mold your Resume for Canadian Job Market? Resume is your gateway pass to get a call from a potential employer. Believe me or not searching and applying for jobs can be the most tedious of all tasks, as someone rightly said it is not about quantity but quality. Hence it doesn’t matter to how many jobs you applied but what matters is to make your resume stand out in competition. Concentrate on details of job description, do some research about employer & the job and much more. There are different styles of Canadian resume formats to follow. Kiss: Keep it Short & Simple : Most people have lengthy two-three-page resume. Try to keep resume one page for five-six years of experience held or maximum two pages for more than 6 years of your work experience. One-page resume is the new trend in Canada and highly recommended. Customize resume for Each job application: General resumes do not work in today’s job market. Career experts recommend that you sh

Newcomer's Biggest concern: finding Job in Canada