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Do you really need a Car in Canada?

Do you really need a Car in Canada? In a country like Canada, where the weather can be very harsh, you need a personal car. Which means the car is a necessity in Canada but considering cost of maintaining a car, it’s a Luxury product! Family needs to be sure if they really need a car or not and i am sure this blog will help you take right decision. You really need car in case any two of below questions answer is "Yes" for you: Is there a small child in house? Is your work destination is more than 90 minutes by public transit? Do you love travelling? Are you planning to use a car as extra income by driving for Uber/Lyft? Do your job require you to have a personal car? Are you planning to do 2 jobs and need to minimise transportation time? You can afford extra monthly cost of $700-$1000 just on car ? You don’t need a car if answer for any of below question is No: Can you afford monthly extra cost of $700-$1000 just on car? Is your child’s school and day